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Winner Winner, Otter in the River!

Check out the list of folks who won during this year's
Gravenhurst Winter Carnival!

If you see your name here, check your inbox for an email or your social media account for a message about how to come and claim your prize! Names listed as entered for draws or based on Social Media account name.

Ignite Grand Prize

brought to you by Sharp Electronics Canada

Cindy Reis!


Ignite Participation Prizes

Gord McNeice

Pete LeMoine

Rhonda and Allen Porter


Trail Hunt Grand Prize

Benji and Jonathan Egier


The Great Skokie Trail Hunt Participation Prize

Valerie Ceschia-Hart

Rebecca Fishman Diamond

Craig Birchall

Katie Monsma


Snow Sculptures in Gull Lake Park

Youth Category Winner


Adult Category Winner (Tie for 1st!)

Martin Kasper 


Andreanel Petrov

Snowkies Participation Prize

Katrina Cadeau MacDonald

Nadia Taylor Grob


Virtual Meet-up and Among Us Participation Prize





Trivia Participation Prize

Carol Ann Koski

Sara Underwood

Russ Dobie

Scott Ferguson


Library Walk Participation Prize

Katrina Cadeau MacDonald

Rebecca Fishman Diamond

Congratulations to the winners of 5 prizes at

the South Muskoka Shield Game

on Saturday February 19th as well!

We’d like to again thank Sharp Electronics Canada for their generous donation and support of Ignite Gravenhurst 2022!

We’d also like to thank the Gravenhurst Business Improvement Area for donating these prizes of Gravenhurst Dollars! 

Skokie will return in 2023!

Contact Us!!

 phone:  705-687-3412   x. 2129


The South Muskoka Shield!
The South Muskoka Shield!

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The South Muskoka Shield!
The South Muskoka Shield!

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